Coming to PS4… Dead Rising 4!

I’m a big fan of the Dead Rising series. The zany weapons, the glorious goriness, I think there’s a story in there somewhere too, it’s all magnificent. A perfect blend of hilarious and hack and slash. When it went to Xbox exclusive, I felt a little let down. I’ve always enjoyed playing them on my PS3 (or 4) with my girlfriend, taking it in turns to complete missions or batter hordes of the undead. When Dead Rising 4 came out, again an Xbox exclusive, I kind of lost all hope that Capcom would bring the series back to Sony’s console.

Times change!

However, this is no longer the case. Capcom have announced today that they are not only bringing zombie carnage back to the Playstation, but they’re giving owners of the console a super-sized version of the game with the announcement of Frank’s Big Package. This version will come with the main base game, all the downloadable content that was available for Xbox and PC players, and a brand new game mode. Named “Capcom Heroes”, the new mode gives players the opportunity to play through Dead Rising 4 as one of their favourite Capcom characters. Fancy blowing up zombies dressed as Mega Man? Feel free. Or are you more of a Guile fan? With the Street Fighter costume pack, you’ll be able to choose your favourites to kick some zombie butt.

Unfortunately, it isn’t coming tomorrow. But, it is coming soon. A delivery date of the 5th of December this year means it’s the perfect Christmas present for me, if any of my friends happen to be reading this article… Until then, I’ll have to stick with the first two, which is still no bad thing.

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