First Impressions of Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

Nice Touches

Vicarious Visions have taken exactly what was loved in the series and pushed it all into the remaster. Yes, all the levels and such are present, but there are a whole bunch of new Easter eggs to find, which really enhances the experience when you spy a dancing Fake Crash out the corner of your eye. They’ve also remastered all of the music, and it sounds incredible. I was always a massive fan of the soundtracks, always got a nice few memories about my childhood when I heard them, so to hear them again in such quality is terrific.

Being able to play the game entirely as Coco as well is a nice touch. Although it’s only a pallet swap, it is nice to see her play a prominent role in the game rather than just the more simple levels.

Familiar foes are back as well

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