First Impressions of Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

Crash seems to have put on weight

I think everyone who has played the game has realised that Crash and Coco may look as young and effervescent as ever, but they’ve definitely lost their jumping ability over the years. It’s almost as if they’ve done nothing but eat McDonalds and KFC for the past twenty years, as the jumps that gamers were able to make on the old games are now nigh-on impossible. It can be particularly frustrating if you’ve learned to listen to certain sound effects in order to time your jumps perfectly. Having beaten the games numerous times on the PS1, I’m definitely one of those players that know precisely when to jump based off when the hippo wheezes, or the vulture squawks. Now, I have to try to repress the urge to press the jump button and make it a few extra steps prior to jumping, else I’ll end up dead.

Additionally, some of the sneakier tricks from Crash 2, like nabbing the Red gem early, are now a thing of the past. Or at least, I’ve not found a way I can make it anywhere near the damn thing so far.

If only you were a bit slimmer Crash, you could reach that red gem.

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