First Impressions of Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

The small things

When I heard that Vicarious Visions were going to leave all the ‘sneaky tricks’ in the game so that you could progress as fast as you used to be able to, I was pretty happy. Running the levels with a relic on the line, means using the shortcuts are a necessary tactic. However, this is not the case, and I found right at the start of Crash 2, that they’d removed a little shortcut around the mole pits. While the mole pits are not a major obstacle, it was nice to avoid them altogether.

Sticking with Crash 2, the holograms in the warp room aren’t quite as epic as they used to be. They’ve left the lights on, so instead of the room going dark and gloomy, highlighting the head in the centre of the room, it’s still quite bright and looks rubbish. Not only that, but they’ve tweaked N. Brio’s voice, and he sounds crap now.

Finally, there are so many loading screens now. Far too many. I don’t remember there being any loading screens in the original games, but there are plenty of them in the remaster. A seriously long and unskippable boot up time is forgivable if the loading between the levels isn’t too significant, but this has both! You’ll probably spend around a third of the time in a level just waiting for it to load up.

Dr Neo Cortex in holographic glory… kind of.

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