Which game would you like to see a sequel of?

The Game Genie has nothing to do with a game sequel

The Video Game Genie is not to be confused with the “Game Genie”

So, you are minding your own business, when suddenly you come across a magic lamp. But this magic lamp is slightly different. It’s covered in Cheetos crumbs (because nerd stereotype jokes am I right?), and you can hear gameplay sounds coming from within. It appears you have found the illusive Video Game Genie! He’s not that powerful, in fact the only wish he can grant is to magically create a sequel for whatever game you want. You only get one choice, which game would you like to see a sequel of?!

I’ll go first

I won’t lie to you, my first choice kind of depressed me. See my “go to” game has and probably will always be Deus Ex. I have played the original game over and over, usually after I see someone talk about it online. My initial thought was that I’d love to see a sequel to the original Deus Ex, since we are getting all these prequels now… but then I remembered… there was a sequel, and it wasn’t that great. In fact most people would say it was pretty much the opposite of great.

The Video Game Genie isn’t powerful enough to remove a bad sequel, he can only create new ones. If I had to pick another game (Half-Life 3 jokes aside) I’d probably choose The Last of Us or Undertale. I’d love to see a continuation of those stories, and see where it goes.

What game would you choose? Maybe some old childhood game who’s developers have disappeared off the face of the earth? Or maybe a newer game that probably will get a sequel but you just can’t wait and want it now. Let us know in the comments below!

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Awesome post! I think a follow up to Warcraft 3 would be nice – obviously WoW is there and taking up all of Blizzard’s time, but War3 was a great RTS and I’d love to see it again!