Gaming or Sleep, which do you choose?

Gaming and sleep

If you are a gamer like me, and if you are reading this article that’s pretty likely, then I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve had to tear yourself away from you pc/console to go to bed (a pretty much daily occurrence for me). In the order of gaming, work and sleep I will put sleep last 9 times out of 10.

The primary suspects for me are Minecraft and WoW. I generally end up playing right up until I’m about to pass out, and then stumble into bed only to dream about the game for the rest of the night. Which isn’t be so bad, except I’m expected to be a function member of society!

Does gaming mess up a nights sleep?

A study conducted by Flinders University found that gamers playing for 150 minutes + a night took almost 40 minutes longer to fall asleep. The study only had 17 participants, but other studies have also found a link between late night gaming and less sleep. The amount of REM sleep late night gamers was also reduced, leading to a lesser quality sleep.

So are you going to get off your pc a bit earlier?

Probably not. Quite simply, night time is often the only time I find to sit down and get a few hours of game play in, and I would rather sacrifice my rest in order to catch up on the latest in our virtual worlds. But if you have an exam the next morning or a big presentation you have to give at work, maybe it is a wise idea to turn the pc off and pick up a book!

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