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At Pocket Gamer Connects, London, I had the chance to catch up with an Israeli development team called Ilyon Games. Their primary focus is on Bubble Shooters, though they have branched into other areas and plan further expansion into other genres in the future. They’re a very nice bunch, and here’s what they had to say!

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

Ilyon was founded 7 years ago by Yonatan and Ilya, who began by creating bubble shooter games for a Facebook canvas. A few years later Avi joined the team and the Ilyon bubble shooter became available on Google Play. A year after that, Alon joined and an iOS version was released as well.

For a few years, the 4 partners continued to create games as a second job, building user base and development infrastructures at night. By the end of 2015 Ilyon had a team of 8 employees. 2016 was the big jump for the company, with x12 growth in revenue and DAU, expanding to 60 employees (all in-house employees) and as a self-funded bootstrap.

Ilyon performs all creative, development, production and publishing of its games in-house. Today over 4M users play Ilyon’s games on a daily basis, with over 70M game installs on mobile.

Ilyon now has bubble shooter games and match 3 games (with 1 very successful on google play: cookie crush,

At what point did you all decide that you wanted to make games together?

It all started when Yonatan saw his father playing a bubble shooting game on a PC and decided that it should be on Facebook too with an option to “share score”. It then became viral and the rest is history.

Do you have plans to try out a different genre?

Ilyon has many new casual game titles in the pipeline for 2017. Some of these titles are different Match-3 games, and some of them are other types of casual games. Although we are very happy with our Bubble Shooter titles and their performance and work hard to update them with new exciting content, we are also looking to target new audiences under the casual genre.

Which genres are particularly interesting to you?

We are soon launching a solitaire game and a “blocks tap match 3” game (similar to Pet Rescue Saga).

In addition to that, Ilyon has a team dedicated to working on complex mid-core casual games. The first game that will be released is “Pizza Blast” – build your pizza place + match 3 game.

Which game are you most proud of?

Bubble Shooter which is our baby and is always high in search results for “Bubble Shooter” and is really starting to become a must have game for everybody. The Bubble Shooter team is focused on improving the Bubble Shooter with weekly updates, adding more levels, adding new bubble types, and making special events (we had a very fun challenge on Christmas with special levels and prizes) etc.

Do you modify the engine for each game, or is it mostly kept the same?

All of our games have unique content and mechanics, though some parts of the games that proved to be best are taken from other games.

If you want to learn more about Ilyon Games, and their bubble shooters, visit their website by clicking Here!

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