Being part of someone’s awesome gaming experience

Awesome gaming moments

Think back to your favourite gaming moment. Some of my favourite gaming moments: playing promod as a noob with my equally noob team mates and getting destroyed by another clan but still managing to get a cheeky round win in a 1 v 3 moment; riding on the back of an ATV in Halo shooting at a massive boss with a team mate driving; screaming with a friend as we got spooked by Slenderman for the first time. I look back and realize, while some of my favourite games are single player games, the most memorable moments for me where ones I shared with other people.

Now lately I’ve been looking at my online stats for a few games and noticed that my win/loss ratio is hovering around 50%. At the same time I’m finding that these games are becoming less and less exciting and less and less memorable for me. Am I just becoming an old disgruntled man? Probably, but at the same time I can’t help but notice the alignment between the two.

Are games becoming less memorable?

My game of old, I’ve said before on this site, was COD4. When I think of that game I can remember being quite good at it, probably because I spent more time in it than the majority of the other players. There were few crutches to help you if you were new to the game or didn’t know the game mechanics well enough to take advantage of them, and for that reason my wins felt as though they were earned and loses felt as though they were deserved.

Now when playing Black Ops 3, I feel as though I’m just staying in the same position. There is never a sense of bettering myself. At the same time your character in BO3 has special abilities that are just given over time, sure they speed up when you kill or capture objectives, but still you know you will eventually be given an OP ability you can use to get a few kills. Now while they are very fun, if I’m having a bad game and all of a sudden I’m given an automatic grenade launcher, and I manage to use it to kill the top player on the opposing team, there’s no sense of achievement, I’m just going through the motions. At the same time if I’m doing well but I’m suddenly killed by a grenade bouncing round the corner from a player who isn’t playing well, I don’t feel as though the loss was deserved.

Fifa is a game I’ve played quite a bit over my life and never ever mastered. I generally lose most games I play against my mates. Why? It’s just not really my game and I don’t love it like they do. But I don’t mind playing it, because from my loses come epic moments for them.

So my question is this, are you content being part of someone else’s awesome gaming moment? Do you mind losing, or having your game mess up, if someone else has had a great time. An example of this is one of my favourite gaming memories, having to defend an “unconscious” friend in the DayZ mod from a massive horde after his game bugged out. Now it sucked that he lagged and couldn’t do anything. But the moment of standing next to him, shooting my gun to try keep the zombies at bay, which just attracted more zombies, and ending up with this horde closing in around us while I waited for his game to respond was one of the best heart racing moments I’ve enjoyed in my gaming lifetime. Sure it sucked for him to have his pc bug out, but we would never have had to fight our way out of a zombie filled city otherwise.

Are you happy being part of someone else’s awesome gaming memories, even if it doesn’t necessarily mean the same for you?

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