Top 5 New Games at EGX 2016

Top 5 EGX

So in September 2016 the UK’s biggest gaming event happened in Birmingham, EGX (EuroGamer) 2016. As I was there for 4 days I got to play a tonne of games and here is my to 5 that I played.

#5 – Dishonored 2

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I have never played the previous Dishonored game before but I know it was loved by many people, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went into this game. I got to play as the new female character and the powers and puzzle elements of this game really got my brain working and I loved it. After playing this demo I want to now try the first game, so if you get a chance check this game out.

#4 – Tekken 7

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Now this may be a little biased as I believe Tekken to be one of the best fighting franchises ever made, so I’m going to love the newest game. Tekken 7 feels great to play – it’s still fast paced and feels like the originals but so smooth and I cant wait to play it on release.

#3 – Battle Zone (PlayStation VR)

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Now this game isn’t amazing and it’s very simple as you are a tank blowing up over tanks and planes. So why is it position 3 you ask? Well, because it was my first experience with PlayStation VR and I loved it! You really feel like you are in a tank and forget you are just sitting on a chair. When or if PlayStation VR gets a little cheaper I will definitely pick this game up.

#2 – Horizon Zero Dawn

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You have probably seen the trailers for this game already but this game is stunning and definitely on my must get list when it comes out. I didn’t even realise this game was playable at the event but it was and I loved it, even though the demo was a little disappointing as it was really small but it still looked great and plays really well.

#1 – Yooka-laylee

Image result for Yooka-laylee

Well if you know me and know what games I like then you knew this may be number one. But saying that I was still sceptical of this game as some retro style kick starter games haven’t turned out great. I was very impressed with this game, it feels like the 90’s platformers like Mario 64 and Banjo-kazooie and looks stunning, It definitely deserves my number one spot


Thank you for having a look at my top 5 New Games at EGX 2016 list. If you liked this list then please check out my YouTube channel and other social media channels below and let me know your thoughts.





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Great list Martin! Tekken 7 and Yooka Laylee both look like they could be crackers!

Martin Bradford

thank you, i’m so excited for Yooka-Laylee


I second that, Yooka-Laylee looks like it could be a cracker. Horizon sounds incredible too.