8BitBoy – Mini Review!

What is it?

8BitBoy is a retro styled platformer that attempts to pick up where the golden age of platformers left off – back on the Super Nintendo. It offers power ups similar to the Super Mario games and a graphical style to match – though maybe it leans slightly closer to the Sonic aesthetic. It’s generally a fun filled adventure with some great power ups and level design that’ll take a good few hours to complete.



Retro style looks nice.
Decent play time.
Takes what other games have done previously, but makes it slightly better.
Pretty much the same as all the other retro styled platformers out there.
Loading screens. Lots of them.
Horrible sound effects.


8BitBoy is an interesting game. It does what you’d expect of a platformer, possibly better than you’d expect even, and it’s super cheap, so that’s always a positive. It does let itself down with the sound as it is horrible and there are a lot of loading screens which seems a little odd given it’s such a lightweight game. In general though, you should be able to ignore the negative aspects and focus on the positive traits this game displays, definitely worth picking up.


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