Agatha Christie – ABC Murders – Mini Review!

What is it?

The ABC Murders was a book first published in the mid 1930s, written by the illustrious Agatha Christie. It has now found its way into the world of video games, with a point and click adventure game being based on it. You play as the brilliant Belgian, Hercule Poirot, as you attempt to solve a series of crimes.


PC, PS4, Xbox One

Great graphics.
Poirot is voiced perfectly.
Sticks to the story well.
Ego Points are a nice touch.
Majority of characters are poorly voice acted, Poirot the exception.
A little clunky.
Not very challenging.


Creating a game based off of a book that one of the greatest authors of crime fiction has written almost seems like cheating when it comes to game scripts. Or, it could turn out that the game is a shoddy piece of shit that sullies the good name of the book. Fortunately, this game doesn’t do that. The best bit is the story by a country mile, but you’d expect that! There are a good few additions in – especially ego points that let you act like Poirot – but the voice acting is probably the dodgiest I’ve ever heard. Poirot is played admirably, but there are so many extremely poor performances in there, particularly from Japp, the policeman. He sounds dreadful, which is a bit of a letdown for an otherwise enjoyable game. Definitely one to play!


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