Anodyne – Mini Review!


What is it?

Anodyne is a retro-styled Zelda-lite game, similar to the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past game. You play Young, a human exploring a surreal and abstract world, solving puzzles as you progress.



Nice graphical style.
Pleasant soundtrack.
Interesting main character.
Writing could do with some work.
Enemies are simplistic.
Excessive dialogue.


Anodyne is a fun game, but it has it’s limits. It can be a little tricky to follow, and the enemies you face won’t be too challenging to overcome. It’s got a few good points, especially the artwork which appeals to me as a retro-styled game lover, and the soundtrack is pretty easy to listen to as well. At £7, you can probably find a better game, but this one is okay. It’s hard to advocate on either side of get or not get, as it’s a completely middle-of-the-road game. Saying that, if I’m not going to give you a positive ‘get it’ review, then you may as well avoid it.


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