Audiosurf 2 – Mini Review!

What is it?

Audiosurf 2 is a the second-coming of the addictive little rhythm game from 2008, which sees you play through levels that are generated based off the songs in your music library. Each song has different tracks, but the goal is always the same – to collect coloured boxes that add to your points total.



Lots of different ways to enjoy your music.
Global leaderboard keeps things interesting.
Steam Workshop lets you download new themes.
Very addictive.
Not really too much of an upgrade on the previous version.
The hit boxes seem to be a little off at times.


Both Audiosurf games are very similar, and are both very fun. The second one doesn’t really add too much more to the first in terms of actual mechanics, but it definitely made the game a whole lot prettier to look at. It’s a game that you’ll easily spend hours and hours playing without realising it, so I’d definitely recommend picking it up


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