Beat Cop – Mini Review!

Beat Cop

What is it?

Beat Cop is a police simulation game, designed to mimic life in an American 1980s cop show. You play as Detective Jack Kelly, who has been accused of murder. Instead of being suspended while they pick up evidence, you’re busted down to walking the beat on one of New York’s toughest streets, ticketing cars.



Gorgeous 16-bit art.
Very funny.
Enjoyable cop-tasks.
Plenty of 80s Cop TV tropes.
Deep, diverse characters.
Poor shooting mechanics.


Beat Cop is a top game. I’ve not completed it – but I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve put into it so far. Even when you’re doing the mundane cop activities like ticketing cars, there’s still things to be watching and keeping an eye on. The shooting mechanic definitely needs reworking, but other than that, it is a really great game. Definitely buy it.


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