Blackwell Unbound – Mini Review!

What is it?

Blackwell Unbound is the second part of the Blackwell series of games – although it’s actually a prequel, making it technically the first part? Either way, it’s the second game that was released as part of the Blackwell saga.


PC, Android & iOS

Decent graphics.
Story isn’t terrible.
Puzzles give you enough to think about.
Eardrum shredding voice acting.
Sound levels are all over the place.
Prequel status never really stated in the game itself, so feels a little disjointed.
Boring characters.


Again, this is a fairly adequate point and click adventure. The story started to take a turn for the worse in this installment, as the fact that you play as a completely different person is never actually explicitly stated – and was actually slightly confusing at the start. Other than the graphics, it doesn’t really stand out for me, and that’s just because it’s not that good. The voice acting especially was incredibly painful on the ears, especially if you have earphones in, which, unfortunately, seems to be a bit of a theme for these games.


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