Catlateral Damage – Mini Review!

Catlateral Damage

What is it?

Catlateral Damage is an interesting cat simulation game. The entire idea of the game is to roam around your home and knock literally everything off the tables, shelves and walls. There are many different cats to unlock, and loads of different levels to destroy.



Very cute.
Lots of different items to knock off.
Upgradeable abilities.
Many different cats.
Doesn’t last very long.
Gameplay is a little shallow.


Catlateral Damage is a fun game – and definitely seems like it’d suit virtual reality. Like all VR games though, it has its limits. It may be great fun to run around knocking a TV off a stand, but it does get a tad boring after the fifth or sixth time. Overall though, worth picking up, especially if you have a Vive or something, as you will get some good fun out of it.


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