Cities Skylines – Mini Review!

What is it?

Cities Skylines is a city building and management simulation game. Akin to the SimCity games, this has no real ‘story’ to it, you’re just dropped in a large landmass and told to build a city. There is, however, a lot of depth in it. You’re able to build a wide variety of cities, and even try to build some real locations with it too.



Looks decent.
Ability to truly craft a town to your exact designs.
Wide variety of buildings to build.
City management is somewhat realistic.
Rip off DLC.
Some users report performance issues.


Cities Skylines is a great city-builder. The best? Perhaps, and with the plentiful mods and downloadable content that are being put out for it, it seems the game will only ever improve. Being able to create a city that is incredibly realistic, and if you’re creative enough, mirroring a real life city, is an amazing experience. The only real downside is the cost of the official DLC – it does seem very overpriced for what it is, especially one that only offers four stadiums at a price of just under a fiver! Great game, but definitely tries to gouge it’s userbase.


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