Dungeon Defenders – Mini Review!

What is it?

The Last Time is a point and click adventure, developed by indie developers Big Cow Studios. It follows the story of Jack Glover, a retired policeman, as he tries to work out the answers behind the mysterious phone call he receives.



Lots of different characters.
Great variety of maps.
Loads of towers to choose from.
Brilliant co-op game.
Still looks decent.
Little lacking in tutorial.
Bit crap single player.


If you know a couple of people with Dungeon Defenders, then playing it together with them is a great experience. Combining all of your efforts to destroy the oncoming hordes of enemies is great fun, and when it all comes together, there is no better feeling in the game. If you don’t have that though, it can be a bit shit. Given that you can get a 4-pack for £30 though, definitely worth playing it.


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