Earthbound – Mini Review!

What is it?

Earthbound is an RPG set in a modern (at the time) world, based off of America. At the time of release, it didn’t get the greatest of reviews from critics, but over time, it has become a real cult classic. It’s got a fantastic soundtrack, and some of the quirkiest characters in any video game I’ve every played before.


SNES & Virtual Console

Looks really nice.
Fun story.
Great battle mechanics.
Wonderful soundtrack.
Brilliant characters.
Occasionally a challenge to work out what to do.


I remember playing Earthbound when I was younger and I loved it – never completed it, but definitely really enjoyed it. When I picked it up and completed it as an adult, it was still as amazing as I remembered. It’s a game that is packed full of oddities that you just wouldn’t find in games today, and there are so many other things that make it a fantastic game. Well worth playing through.


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