Enigma Spy Adventure – Mini Review!

What is it?

Enigma Spy Adventure is a point and click adventure game featuring an English spy. Your original mission was to get to Warsaw and meet with a contact to retrieve the Enigma handbook, but your plane was shot down over enemy territory. You now have to get to Warsaw by hook or by crook, while avoiding the enemy as best you can.


Android & iOS

Decent length.
Fun story.
Great characters.
Challenging but enjoyable puzzles.
Some objects not obvious that you’re able to pick them up.
Bit of a pain in the arse to get right up to the side to exit a scene.


Enigma Spy Adventure is a cutesy, fun point and click adventure. I do love a good point and click adventure, and this is a great game on mobile devices. I was a little disappointed with how some items aren’t immediately obvious that they are able to be picked up, but overall it’s a very fun game. Highly recommend!


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