Evoland – Mini Review!


What is it?

Evoland is an RPG game that shows off just how far video games have evolved in the past thirty years or so. Taking you from Game Boy visuals all the way up to current day high def offerings, you’ll play through a relatively bland story as you gain new abilities.



Controls well.
Decent puzzles.
Showcase the evolution of video games is a cool concept, fairly well executed.
Pointless collectibles.
Very bland story.


Evoland is alright, I suppose. There are definitely some good aspects to the game, but it has a lot of failings too. It seemed throughout the game that the developers were focussed on bringing a game that showcased how far video games had evolved, which is definitely a cool concept, but they sacrificed so much of the story and it feels like they cut quite a bit out. One to avoid.


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