Final Fantasy Record Keeper – Mini Review (again)

What is it?

If you think you’ve seen this review before, you’re kind of right. I did a mini review for it back when it released. However, I’ve kept playing and the game has undergone some massive changes since, so I thought it only fair to update my review!


Android & iOS

Gorgeous pixel art.
Hundreds of levels, characters and abilities.
Takes you through each of the games.
Very addictive.
Really simple UI.
A lot of loading screens.
Not entirely, but a little bit pay-to-win.
Possibly to miss out on characters if you don’t play it for a while.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a quality game. I’ve played it every single day since it came out, and I’m still not bored of it. It helps that I love the Final Fantasy series, and hearing all the music, playing as all the characters and revisiting all the bosses again fills me with such nostalgia. It’s not purely a game for Final Fantasy lovers – lots of newcomers will also find plenty to enjoy here with the solid mechanics on show. Definitely a game to download and play.


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