Final Fantasy VII – Mini Review!

What is it?

Final Fantasy VII is arguably Square-Enix’s most popular RPG. It introduced a cast of likeable characters, villainous antagonists and a massive world to explore.


PC, PS1, PS3 & PS Vita

Top soundtrack.
Great story.
Good character progression.
Wide variety of spells and abilities.
Plenty of hidden secrets.
Looks dreadful now.


FF7 is a top, top game. There’s just so many brilliant facets to it. Set on a journey with a (relatively) likeable team of mercenaries, you get a plethora of abilities to toss at the hundreds of different enemies spread throughout the game. All the while, you’ll get to listen to some fantastic songs by the maestro Nobuo Uematsu. It really is a great game, and definitely worth playing.


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