The Final Station – Mini Review!

The Final Station

What is it?

The Final Station is a survival horror adventure game, set in a country that has recently been affected by a gas that is turning humans into zombies.



Wonderful pixel art.
Great mechanics.
Interesting story.
Challenging enemies.
No replay value.
A tad short for the price.
Story is a bit difficult to come by.


I’d give The Final Station top marks if it wasn’t so short. It will take you around five or six hours to complete, but once you’re done, there really isn’t much need to replay it. It’s disappointing because the mechanics on the train and wandering through the old stations are really strong. Learning about the story is also quite a lot of fun – if a little difficult as it requires eavesdropping on your passengers which isn’t always possible. Definitely worth picking it up if it drops to around £5 – £7!


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