Futurama – A Game of Drones – Mini Review!

What is it?

I’ve missed Futurama. Ever since they called it quits I’ve been wanting to see more from the cast. So when I saw Game of Drones pop up on my phone, I was delighted. It’s a game not too dissimilar from Bejeweled or Candy Crush, where you have to move similarly coloured drones to a cluster of at least four to make them disappear. They’re given a little backstory with the Planet Express company, which, honestly, does seem like something Professor Farnsworth would do, so it really does fit in well with the overall Futurama Universe.


Android & iOS

Adds a little more to the Futurama world.
Script written well to reflect the characters exactly.
Looks fantastic.
Very addictive.
Never waiting too long to refill lives.
Battery hog.
Voices can get a little repetitive.


I wasn’t really that big a fan of either the Bejeweled games or the Candy Crush series, but I really am enjoying playing through Game of Drones, although it is likely that Futurama appeals to me so much that I am finding myself more engaged in the series. It definitely has a few flaws, but for a free game, it’s terrific fun and very addictive. There’s even a lot of cut-scenes featuring all the characters we’ve grown to love over the course of Futurama that are really fun to watch. Some may complain about it being just another re-skin of one of the aforementioned games, but I contest that it is so much more, and any Futurama fan should definitely give it a try.


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