Gran Turismo 3 – Mini Review!

What is it?

I recently went back to my parents house and brought back my old PS2, and a box full of excellent games that I used to love. The first game I chose to play out of that bunch? Gran Turismo 3: A-spec. It is the only racing game I’ve ever really stuck with, and is a terrific game to play, full of excellent cars, tracks and even music. My save back then had me at day 470-ish, with most races complete and only needing to get the S license, and immediately after I started, I was hooked again.



Still looks gorgeous.
Plenty of fun tracks to drive around.
AI isn’t too bad.
Nice upgrades to the car.
Some notable car omissions.
A little lacking in car choices.


I loved playing Gran Turismo 3 when I was younger, and was incredibly happy when I found that my memory card still worked and had my save on it! There are still a few races left for me to do, but I’ve been playing through it and loving every race, every car that I own and wishing that maybe there could have been a few extra cars included. The lack of choice is a little annoying, but that could be unfair. There are plenty of cars to choose from and drive, and they all handle and feel amazing as you race around each of the beautifully constructed courses in the game. Definitely something to play.


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