GTA IV – Mini Review!

What is it?

GTA IV is Rockstar’s first HD GTA game, set in Liberty City and featuring the Yugoslavian Niko Bellic. Within the game, you have to attempt to adjust to the American way of life, the only way you know how – by shooting and murdering those who hound you.


PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Massive city to explore.
Great story.
Very well written characters.
Amazing arsenal of weapons to use.
Hey Cousin…
No longer looks it’s best.


GTA IV was a top game on the last generation of consoles, and it still has a phenomenal story to enjoy. As long as you can get beyond Roman’s incessant phone calls, then you’re going to enjoy the game. Killing people with pretty much any weapon under the sun is great fun, as are some of the funnier bugs that were left in the game. Definitely worth getting.


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