International Track and Field – Mini Review!

What is it?

International Track and Field was Konami’s first attempt at an athletics game for the Playstation. They’d already had some success with the genre on Nintendo’s consoles, so the chances were high that this one would be a classic. With eleven events to compete in, this game would test many a controller of anyone who played it.



Good amount of events.
AI is always a challenge.
Great fun to play with friends.
Solid button bashing fun.
Looks pretty bad now.
Javelin is ridiculously hard.


I sunk many an hour into this game when I was a youngster, never quite being good enough to beat my brother. I picked it up fairly recently though, and something clicked in my brain and suddenly I was decent at the game. Setting times of seven seconds in the 100m is an achievement I’m absurdly proud of. It may not look great anymore, but this is one of Konami’s greatest games, it’s just so much fun. Definitely pick it up if you can find it.


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I frickin’ love this game! Think my high jump record of 2.73m will stand the test of time.