Kopanito All Stars Soccer – Mini Review!

What is it?

Kopanito All Stars Soccer is a five a side football game where the ref doesn’t exist, and players can earn power-ups to help their team win. There are a lot of teams to play, in a lot of different competitions, so there is loads to do. You’re able to play by yourself, or with up to five different people, giving the game plenty of things to do.



Decent graphics.
Well executed mechanics.
Lots of unlockables.
Online and offline play are both fun.
Replay GIF creator.
Plenty of power ups.
Frame rate issues.
Atmosphere-less matches.
Terrible throw ins and corners.


As a football simulator, this game isn’t exactly realistic, but it is a lot of fun. It’s still in early access as well, and the devs have looked committed in updating it to be the best game of it’s type out there, so although there are some issues that need ironing out, I have a lot of belief that Merixgames will sort it out. Definitely worth picking it up.


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