The Last Vikings – Mini Review!

The Last Vikings

What is it?

The Last Vikings is a free to play RPG. With retro-styled pixel graphics, it tells the story of the last Viking on his crusade to take back the lands that have managed to fight off his ancestors. You’re able to row to new lands, take on their defences, recruit new heroes and upgrade them in true RPG style.


Android & iOS

Great pixel graphics.
Quite good humour.
Varied gameplay.
Lots of lands to conquer.
Enormous amount of different items to collect.
Feels a little pay-to-win at times.


If you exclude the micro-transactions aspects, the game is incredibly fun. There’s enough varied gameplay to keep it interesting, and if you like collecting things, then there is plenty of that in the Last Vikings. Sea battles, land battles and PvP are all fun modes to do, and getting good enough to progress throughout the whole game is enough of a challenge to keep any player interested.


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