Office Freakout – Mini Review!

What is it?

Office Freakout is a game developed by Hollow Robot, and focuses on a man named Philbert, who can take the verbal beatdowns of his boss no more. To combat their unkindness, he goes on a rampage in the office – which is where you come in. The game lets you grab hold of any item and smash the hell out of everything and anything in the office.



Great idea – who doesn’t want to trash their office?
Plenty of items to smash up.
Lots of level diversity.
Not the prettiest looking game.
Rather shallow.
Repetitive Strain Injury: The Game.


There have been many times where I’ve felt like smashing up my office at work, so being able to do something like that in Office Freakout is great fun. Being able to pick up a monitor and throw it through a cubicle wall – who hasn’t dreamt of that? The only real issue with the game is the fact you’re just hammering away on the mouse to score points. It can get rather painful if you’re going at it for longer than a couple of minutes, because RSI will definitely set in. It’s not a bad game though, but I couldn’t really recommend it because my arm is screaming from playing it.


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