Pivvot – Mini Review!

What is it?

Pivvot is a game about a ball on a lead. You control the ball as you progress along a long and winding pathway, creating some incredible music as you do. The game is similar to Vib Ribbon, in that it’s set to music and you have to avoid obstacles, and there are plenty of different obstacles to try and avoid, so you have to keep on your toes.


PC, iOS & Android

Amazing music.
Multiple game modes.
Simple concept executed perfectly.
Bright and colourful.
Can get a bit frustrating in endless mode if you’re given crap maps.


With lots of obstacles to overcome, challenges to beat and music to enjoy, Pivvot is a brilliant game. You can dip in and out of it as you please and you’ll be able to pick it up in no time at all. It doesn’t have any tough mechanics, you just have to be able to react to the oncoming threats and be able to readjust quickly to prevent a premature end to your game. Definitely worth picking it up.


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