Pocket Mortys – Mini Review!

Pocket Mortys

What is it?

Pocket Mortys is a game similar to Pokemon, but with Rick and Morty being the theme. It puts Rick in the position of Ash Ketchum, and various Mortys from across the multiverse as his Pokemon. There are plenty of badges to collect and even more Mortys to gather up and battle with.


Android & iOS

Rock-Paper-Scissors types are fun.
Looks great.
Fits the universe perfectly.
Decent controls.
Plenty to do.
A little challenging for newbies.
Lack of AP on moves.


Pocket Mortys is the perfect companion game to the Rick and Morty series. It’s great fun, has wonderful humour and a diverse set of Mortys to catch and collect. It is very close to Pokemon too, so anyone that enjoys both Rick and Morty and Pokemon will thoroughly enjoy this game.


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