This is the Police – Mini Review!

What is it?

This is the Police is, if you couldn’t guess, a cop game. You take on the role of chief of police, played by Jack Boyd, a brash man who has just been ousted from his role. You play the twilight of his career of ensuring the entire city stays as crime free as possible, while balancing the happiness of your staff and city hall.



Looks fantastic.
Best voice acting I’ve heard in a game.
Interesting side missions.
A challenge to keep on top of everything.
A little dull at times.
Story / gameplay balance not great.


I’ve enjoyed playing This is the Police, but there are points where it gets a little dull. I don’t mind sitting through occasional cut scenes, but when they dominate the game, then it becomes less and less fun – especially when the main gameplay isn’t actually that engaging. However, if you stitched all of the cut scenes together, you’d have a hell of a movie. It’s brilliantly voice acted and the artwork is phenomenal, which make each cut scene extremely watchable. Overall, I’d recommend this game, for sure.


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