Pool Nation – Mini Review!

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What is it?

Pool Nation is an arcade pool game developed by Cherry Pop Games, that lets you, as you may expect, play pool. There are a number of different modes to play in, 8-ball, 9-ball and a construct-your-own skill shots.



One of the prettiest pool games out there.
Mechanically perfect.
Special skills are fun.
Good longevity to it.
Menus look and feel pretty cheap.
Multiplayer is a bit pants.
Music is odd.


Pool Nation is a game I really enjoy playing. While the ‘story’ modes don’t really last long, they are challenging enough to keep you busy for a while. There are a lot of different things to collect as well, so even when you’re done with the story sections, there will still be more to do. Quite fun, and worth the price.


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