Punch Club – Mini Review!

Punch Club

What is it?

Punch Club is a boxing simulation, management and adventure game all rolled into one. It’s a pixel-art creation by indie developers Lazy Bear, and gives you the chance to try to become the world’s greatest boxer.


PC, iOS & Android

Gorgeous pixel art.
Fairly in depth.
Lots to crack on with.
Varied fighting styles keep it fresh.
Grind forever.
Story is a little clich├ęd.


Punch Club is a decent game. It walks a fine line between simulation, management and adventure, which is a great mix. The art style as well is phenomenal, and most of the mechanics are pretty fun to play with too. The only issue really is the grind. To be any good, or to be successful, you do need to grind a lot. While this does reflect real life, it can get incredibly tedious performing the same actions in a game time after time. Overall though, I’d recommend picking this up.


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