Puzzle Agent 2 – Mini Review!


What is it?

Puzzle Agent 2 is the sequel to the first Puzzle Agent game, which sees you play as Nelson Tethers, the FBIs foremost agent in the Puzzle Research division. He is, once again, deployed in Scoggins, Minnesota, to find out once and for all the answers to what happened in the first game.


PC, PS4 & iOS

Best main character in video games.
Decent art style.
Great humour.
Good story.
Varied, interesting puzzles.
Better suited to mobile.
Some puzzles are rehashes from the first game.


I really like Puzzle Agent. The game is packed with great humour and a decent story, but is definitely suited for mobile platforms. Playing it on PS4 was quite frustrating, as it was a challenge to get some of the puzzles to work correctly, even if they were fun to try and break down. Definitely worth buying!


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