Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction – Mini Review!

What is it?

I really loved Robot Wars when I was younger, and even now I’ll still watch it if it’s on. Craig Charles and Jonathan Pearce made a great duo, and although the former isn’t in this game, the latter provides enough commentary for the both of them. You’re able to build a completely custom robot, colour it how you want and put as many different random items on it before sending it (probably) to it’s death in the pit.


PC & PS2

Bot building is great fun.
Good commentary.
Plenty of different things to put on your robot.
Locations are kinda crap.
Loading screen hell.


Building a robot and fighting it against someone elses is something every kid in the UK wanted to do, and this game gave people a decent representation of it. There were so many different weapons to choose from, and with Jonathan Pearce adding the commentary over the top meant that this game was fantastic fun for any roboteers. I did find, however, playing it on the PS2, that it was slow as shit. Even making it through the menus in the game was a trial, and it really detracted from the game as a whole. Still, worth picking up if you can find it and get it working on PC.


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