Stardew Valley – Mini Review!

What is it?

Stardew Valley is a vibrant farming simulator in the mould of Harvest Moon. It sees you cast off your depressing job and head out to where your grandfather used to live – in the middle of Stardew Valley itself – to tend to the earth.



Looks great.
Nice sound.
Multiple choices for what to do.
Fishing is perhaps more of a challenge than intended.
Cut scenes are pretty poorly drawn.
A little slow.


There’s not a whole lot wrong with Stardew Valley on the whole. It’s charming, has plenty of character and gives players a lot of things to crack on with. It’d be harsh to say it’s not a game worth having, and I know people that have managed to pour nearly a hundred hours into it. I personally found it a little difficult because I found the pacing to be too slow to suit me, but give it a few months and I’m sure I’ll try it again and love it. Definitely one for people to have.


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