Streets of Rogue – Mini Review!

What is it?

Streets of Rogue is an early access rogue-like action game that sees you try to overcome the new booze-free regime of the new president. You can play as many different classes and play through the procedurally generated world in the way you like the most.



Decent visuals.
Fun tactical play.
Plenty of classes to play as.
Procedurally generated worlds mean infinite plays.
No saving during multiplayer.
A little unpolished.


It’s harsh to say this game is a little unpolished – it’s still in early access after all – and it is pretty fun for what it offers. A large number of classes to play as, some fantastic procedurally generated areas to play through and the tactical play is very good. Having to size up what to do prior to doing it is something that really appeals to me, so I strongly recommend taking a look at this game.


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