A Tale of Caos – Overture – Mini Review!

A Tale of Caos - Overture

What is it?

A Tale of Caos – Overture is a retro-styled point and click adventure game, in the mould of the old LucasArts games. Set in an alien galaxy, you control Terry on her quest to assist her master, Albion McMaster.



Wonderful graphics.
Clearly made by people that love the genre.
Good balance between challenging and hold-your-hand-easy.
Great humour.
Interesting story.
A bit short.
Translation errors.


LucasArts created some of the best point and click adventure games, and ExperaGameStudio have done their best to recreate some of the magic. There are lots of little touches that give me nostalgia kicks, and although it’s a tad short, I couldn’t recommend the game highly enough.


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