Tales From the Borderlands – Mini Review!

What is it?

Tales From the Borderlands is a point and click adventure / visual novel set in the Borderlands universe, told by Telltale games. As such, it follows the standard TTG formula – a strong story with consequential actions.


PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Great story.
Well written characters.
Actions actually having consequences is nifty.
Not a point and click adventure.


As you’d expect in a Telltale game, the characters are incredibly well developed. A good number are already recognisable from the Borderlands series, but the new characters have a lot of spunk and are quite enjoyable to follow through the game. My one criticism would be that it doesn’t feel like a point and click adventure. It’s very much a visual novel, but doesn’t really have much in the way of point and click adventure bits to make it one of those games, so I ended up missing some prompts because I wasn’t ready for them to come.


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