Taxi Surfer – Mini Review!

What is it?

Taxi Surfer is a mobile game created by indie developers Eageron. It puts players in a Frogger-like situation, where you have to tap the screen to try to hop onto taxi’s and make your way across the incredibly wide road.


iOS & Android

Simple, but fun.
Lots of upgrades to grab.
Five different worlds to play through.
Great visuals.
Somewhat difficult to get to grips with.
Ads are a little intrusive.


Taxi Surfer is an very nice looking app, with a pretty fun concept. It’s basically an endless frogger game, where the majority of the traffic will kill you, but the plentiful taxis on the map will give you safe haven to the other side. When it comes to actually taxi-hopping, it’s quite fun, and every time I beat my high score, I felt like I could go on and beat it again. It can be, especially at the start, quite a challenge to get it right though. The game is particularly unforgiving and there isn’t much tolerance between success and failure, so getting it right is definitely something to work at. Worth downloading for sure!


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