True Skate – Mini Review!

True Skate

What is it?

True Skate is a mobile skateboarding game, which lets you play as a skateboard doing tricks around a skate park. There’s only one skate park in the base game,
with additional parks coming as paid DLC.


Android & iOS

Decent amount of tricks.
Good controls.
Some missions to keep it interesting.
Looks nice.
It’s fun.
Extortionate pricing for what it offers.
Tutorial isn’t as extensive as it could be.
Only one park in the base game.


True Skate is probably as close to skateboarding as you’re likely to get on a mobile device. Once you get used to the controls, it starts feeling really decent,
and pulling off long tricks and combos is really satisfying. I got it when it was free, and to be honest, that’s what I’d pay for it because it’s very shallow. If you want extra parks then you have to pay for them, so it does feel a little gouge-y. One to miss, unless it’s on sale/free.


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