Vox Voyager – Mini Review!

vox voyager

What is it?

Vox Voyager is an indie puzzle game, developed for iOS and Android devices. It gives you a colourful grid, and the objective is to pass through every square in the grid, without doubling back on yourself.


Android & iOS

Fantastic pastel colours.
Clean, clear UI.
Tricky puzzles.
Some levels will send you back a few levels.
Punishes mistakes too harshly.


Vox Voyager is a great game, especially for an indie developer. It’s hard to be critical of it, as it is a fairly simple game that does what it sets out to do. One gripe I do have is that it discourages you from trying things and, if you fat-finger it, you’re forced to drop back a few levels rather than being able to restart straight away. This may lead to a lot of people getting bored, as if they get stuck, they’re going to be stuck for a very long time. Still, it’s free, so worth getting.


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