Wolf Among Us – Mini Review!

What is it?

The Wolf Among Us is a video game developed by Telltale Games, combining their usual ‘actions have consequences’ theme with the Fable comic book series. It’s a great point and click adventure and doesn’t require any knowledge of the comic book series, as it tells the story well enough for you to be filled in.



Really nice graphics.
Brilliant story telling.
Strong puzzles.
Expensive for the length.


If you’re absolutely dying for a Fable-based video game, then you’re pretty much going to have to get this game. It is a great game, especially if you like both Telltale Games and the Fable series, but it’s far too expensive for what it is. Eight hours of gameplay for nearly £20 is a rip off. I managed to get it on sale, so I don’t feel too aggrieved about it, but it is a bit much really.


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