Workemon – Mini Review!

What is it?

Workémon is a Pokémon parody game that sees you trying to run a business with various Workémon that you can capture.


Android, iOS

Incredibly well presented.
Plenty of Workémon to collect.
Lots of upgrades.
Decent tutorial.
Pay to win.
Fairly slow.
Broken English is a little offputting.


Workémon is definitely more than just a Pokémon parody. It’s a fairly fun game in it’s own right, with some additional mechanics to offset the lack of wandering around that Pokémon offers which are mostly fun. But it does feel very pay-to-win and exceptionally slow if you’re not willing to put your hard earned cash into it. Get it if you’re patient, but if not, then give it a miss as it will try to eat the contents of your wallet.


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