World of Final Fantasy – Mini Review!

What is it?

World of Final Fantasy is a spin off of the main Final Fantasy series, but plays very similarly to the familiar series. There are turn based battles, a long story and tonnes of monsters, called mirages, to capture. It’s essentially Final Fantasy meets Pok√©mon, and who could dislike that?



Art style is top.
Fantastic introduction to the series for children.
Voice actors are great.
Battle mechanics are new and interesting.
Summoning previous characters to aid you is amazing.
Capturing favourite foes for your team is fun.
Lots of side-missions for additional story depth.
Two of the main characters are dreadful.
Feels a bit linear.
Can feel a little simple for older players.


World of Final Fantasy is a surprisingly good game. I went into it thinking it’d be the kind of game that a fan of the series would play with their children, to introduce them to the game – and it is – but it is so much more as well. There are plenty of wonderful throwbacks to the series that every player familiar to the games will love, and although Lann and Tama are the two most annoying video game characters of 2016, the rest are really brilliant. Definitely recommend picking this one up!


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