The Yawhg – Mini Review!

The Yawhg

What is it?

The Yawhg is a choose your own adventure style indie co-op game. You’re plopped in a world, with up to three of your friends, and you have to choose what you do before the impending “Yawhg” comes.



Very nice hand drawn areas.
Up to four players.
Game is over in ten minutes.
No real satisfaction from finishing the game.


The Yawhg is touted as a great, lengthy choose your own adventure style game, but it didn’t grab me like I was hoping it would. I managed to play through the story in ten minutes, and I didn’t even think I was speed-running it. It just didn’t have a whole lot to it. It does look great, the hand drawn areas are top notch, but that definitely shouldn’t be enough reason for you to shell out £7 for it. It’s more of a £3 game to me. Avoid it.


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