Zenith – Mini Review!

What is it?

Zenith is a quirky action role-playing game that sees you take control of a sarcastic mage by the name of Argus Windell, in a quest to help save the world. The game is smothered with brilliant humour and contains a fair few snipes at some more well known RPG franchises, as well as including some very polished mechanics.


PC, PS4, Xbox One

Decent graphics.
Enjoyable battle mechanics.
One of the funnier games around.
Fantastic soundtrack.
Frame rate issues on the world map.
Death by loading screen.
No auto save.
Terrible PC port.


I’m confused by Zenith – I want to enjoy it, I really do. It’s incredibly funny and the story is quite engaging, but there are so many loading screens, and they aren’t well presented. Sometimes the transitions to the loading screens can be quite jarring too, as you can go from running in a direction, enjoying the soundtrack, to a reminder about who published the game in dead silence. It is great fun, I really enjoyed the battles as they had a bit of challenge to them and I loved the soundtrack, but the negatives really drag this game down the toilet. So, my recommendation? Wait to get it when it’s on sale, and don’t get it on PC, because it’s terrible on PC.


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